Learn how to feed your mind, manage your day-to-day stress, and focus on enjoying your world.
Why does it work
Too often, fitness coaches and trainers focus only on the physical aspect of your health. This approach ignores a person’s mental and emotional fitness, which far too often contributes to or compounds physical maladies. A balanced approach that encompasses physical, nutritional, and behavioral (both mental and emotional) health is far more effective than one that only addresses the body, and has far more powerful results as well.

At MMLF, we know that everybody is different. We all have different body types, different backgrounds, and different needs. For example, while staying active is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should run 5 miles a day like your neighbor, or spend 6 days a week at the gym like your co-worker.

Our coaches spend a good deal of time understanding you and where you are on your fitness journey. We develop a program that is just right for you: a workout program that becomes a part of your life to build a better you. What you choose to do must work in your life. It doesn’t matter what works for anyone else – developing healthy, consistent habits will only happen if it really works for you and your day-to-day lifestyle. We help you develop a workout that you will enjoy incorporating into your world, not dread or dislike because it hurts your body.

It’s more than just activity and nutrition (this is important, people!).
To achieve true, lasting success, we must build health and fitness from the inside out. What is happening inside your body? Is your physiology balanced? Are you pre-diabetic? Carrying too much weight? Fighting high blood pressure or taking heart medications? MMLF works with you to create lifestyle habits that compliment your physiology. As you build your new healthy habits, you will not only improve your internal health concerns, you will see changes on the outside. How you look, how you feel, your energy levels, the quality of your sleep, your decision-making skills, your ability to take positive, thoughtful action, and of course your weight will all improve.

It’s not news that staying active and eating right are keys to good health. What is news is that it takes more than just those two pieces to truly build healthy habits and achieve lasting change.

In addition to working out and fueling your body properly, MMLF helps you learn how to feed your mind, manage your day-to-day stress, and focus on enjoying your world. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle depends on all of these pieces coming together…and that is the magic of this program. The MMLF Weight Management Program is tailored to your needs and focused on you as a whole person. We want to help you improve your physical, physiological, nutritional, and behavioral health by targeting three areas: customized workouts, personalized nutritional consultations, and life coaching. Together, we will work on each aspect at a pace that is both realistic for your world and brings them together as the keys that will anchor your practice of sustainable, healthy, life-long habits.

The number one comment I hear from our participants is, “I just had my doctor’s appointment and he/she said, ‘What have you been doing? You’re no longer ‘pre-diabetic!’ or ‘We can take you off your medication now.’” That, people, is a big deal. That’s a program that effectively works towards better health.