Welcome to my Share page—where I hope to provide motivation from others with similar goals and challenges; as well as a look into the business and person behind MMLF (Mary Meyer Life Fitness).

I understand challenges. After decades of dedicating my life to wellness/health & fitness of myself and others, I received news in 2010 that I had Multiple Sclerosis.  I’d like to share an email I sent out to my clients after my diagnosis, along with a few inspiring replies, in hopes of further motivating you to move past any obstacles you may be encountering and/to keep your body moving.

Mary Meyer's Personal Story

I'm going to do something that is not, at all, my style - I've decided (not lightly) to share my personal health story in hopes that it can motivate and inspire others.

I have been diagnosed with Spinal MS, basically a neurological breakdown that can prevent me from moving well or at all. Clearly, it's been an adjustment and will be for the rest of my life since there is no cure for MS. I'm sharing this for a couple of reasons; I know the weather, the economy and so many other things have posed challenges to us this year. I'm encouraging you to move past this and dig deep into your healthy power and keep doing what you are capable of doing while you are able.

Personally, after my diagnosis this year, I don't want to lose my connection to movement today or ever. Repetitive motion (as I am able) and continual sharpening of my mental power/agility is what I choose to focus on. Some days movement is not a choice for me; it isn't something I can always will myself to do anymore. I have never been one to take my health for granted, so I feel solid in promoting movement to y'all. While we can't always control everything that will afflict us when it comes to our health, we can improve/enhance our well-being and there is no better way than by setting a goal.
Whatever you choose to do, DO IT! Dig deep y'all - dig so much deeper - to forward movement!
Cheers mm


The 30+ Program has been a turning point for me, in more ways than I thought possible. I’ve gone from avoiding exercise (I can be very creative), to making time in my schedule for working out and even planning workouts while on traveling & on vacation. But its more than that. Mary understands that there are many factors involved in being healthy, and she works with the group to address them – as different as they are for each person.
- CD

I've known Mary and been involved in her programs for five years. Mary is an incredible coach, mentor and friend. She is loyal and exceptionally hard-working in support of those who really want to develop and maintain the habit of healthful living, whether it’s fitness, nutrition or mental/emotional health. I’ve seen her give 110% of herself to those who are truly serious about improving their health and fitness. When obstacles get in the way of consistent workouts or healthful nutrition, Mary is right there offering alternative solutions, helping to reset goals and getting people back on track. Mary is an essential ally to have alongside as you work toward your fitness and health goals.

- M.N.

Most of us think we know what we need to do to improve our health. What I have learned is that guidance from a professional like Mary has been the key to making the changes I needed to make – knowing and doing are two different things! This isn't just about excellent, varied workouts but it is also about receiving straight, honest guidance. Mary gives you tools and knowledge that can last a lifetime. If you are genuinely ready to commit to making the changes for a healthier rest of your life, this is the program for you. Mary addresses the three key components to make lasting changes – physical, nutritional and emotional. The bonus for me was to realize that in spite of my I’m not a joiner tendencies, the group aspect of this program keeps me motivated and showing up. The results are gradual but I believe life-long. - DM

The MMLF 30+ Program is the program that I was looking for a long time.This program has improved my food intake, my emotional state and my physical condition. When I came to the program I was in the Pizza and Chicken Wings diet and my work out routine was laying on my couch watching TV (ironically, sports). I had no motivation to work out, I was in the vicious circle of I want to exercise because I’m out of shape, but every time I exercised I injured myself, because I was out of shape.It was obvious that I needed help. And Mary helped me. I remember the first time I called Mary to ask about the program, I told myself, If they offer me that at the end, I'm going to be 10 pounds lighter of what I weighted in High school after I buy some miracle supplements… I’m out of here. That was not the case with the 30+ Program. Instead, Mary has worked with me thru the program…to discover what works for me, not what works for everyone or for someone else, but truly what works for me. From small changes, to big challenges like completing my first Triathlon, the program has succeeded all my expectations. The program gives me the tools, the guidance, positive reinforcement and the positive environment that puts me in charge of the work I need to do in order to accomplish my goals. I cannot thank Mary Mayer Life Fitness enough for what it has done for me.

I've participated in all of Mary's fitness offerings over the past 6-7 years, including the 30+ program. She is top-notch in all that she does and truly wants the best health for all, young and old. She expects you to bring your A-game every time and accepts no excuses. Her mottos of get out there and suck it up really sum it up in rain, snow or sunshine.

I heard about the 30+ program from my sister. I knew I needed to be more active but I was resisting the idea of joining a gym which I have never enjoyed. I gave the program a try over the holidays and was hooked. I love the group and I am stronger than I have been in two decades. MMLF is not just an excellent workout. I learned about better food choices and the importance of regular sleep and about finding out WHY I make the choices I do. If you are ready to leave your old habits behind, this is the program for you.

Mary Meyers' approach to fitness is really excellent. Too often, fitness coaches and trainers focus only on the physical aspect of a client's health. This ignores our mental and emotional fitness, which is far too often the cause for our physical maladies. Her balanced approach is really powerful, and has benefited me and my wife tremendously. Highly recommended!
- DC

Mary, thank you so much for helping me today. My mom always tells me that she prays for me to find angels to help me on my path in life. I truly believe you are one of those angels. Thank you so much for everything you do. This 30+ is a gift.
- Marshal


The clinic totally rocked! I have my head around the whole experience now whereas before I was just a little confused to how everything plays out that day. I definitely need more swim training so I'll be signing up for a couple of the pool clinics and definitely the open water clinics. The water kicked my butt on Saturday!

Mary, I can't thank you and your team enough for the clinics on Saturday. They were absolutely incredible and I feel so much more prepared and at least 47% less terrified about the Cottage Lake tri. I was completely going to wimp out on the open water clinic and your motivating words got me to squeeze back in the wetsuit and stick around. And even though that swim was rough, I am so relieved to know I can do it (it wasn't pretty, but what the hell, I DIDN'T DROWN. Score!).

Mary, and all those that facilitated our success, thank you so much for hosting the clinics and events that you do and for being there with us through it all. I was thinking throughout all the clinics and events that I have never been surrounded by so many amazing coaches, rooters, and genuine people who cheer for you and gently and powerfully guide you through. That to me was one of the most special parts of the clinics and events. In the water, they’re right there with us. Not just there, but keeping an eye out for anyone that might need someone by their side, the transition set up help and how to get through it smoothly...amazing, truly amazing…and I’m a runner, thinking I knew it all, I learned something new. Thank you. -Carl

I wanted to thank you for working with me this season. I do attribute my vast improvement to the workout plans and the clinics. There is zero reason I can't crack the top ten in the 40-44's at Kirkland next year. You guys kick ass. I raise my delicious post-race beer to you. Cheers, -George

Mary, I just wanted to drop you a note to say I had the most amazing experience last weekend at your tri and open water clinics. I learned a ton and challenged myself hard. I love your ass kicking attitude—a great role model for women. I had the pleasure, too, of riding and running with Karen, who is such an inspiration. Holy crap she’s fast! This is my first triathlon. I set the goal a few months back after some health issues. I’ve never really lived a life of physical activity. This has been a wild adventure and I’m hooked for life. Thank you for doing what you do to provide people like me the platform to learn, challenge and grow. See you in a few weeks, I’m coming to another one end of June. Cheers, -Maureen

Hi Mary, I just want to THANK YOU for all the training and swimming tips that I received from your clinics!! I did the First-Timer Tri Package in preparation for my triathlon . . . and I was SO THRILLED and RELIEVED that I was mentally and physically ready for it. Those open water clinics came in extremely handy!!! THANK YOU!!! Sincerely, -LC

Hi Mary, I wanted to write and say "Thank You" for your great workshops that provide for Triathlon's. I did my first triathlon on Sunday and had a great experience!! I truly believe it had a lot to do with the great training I received from you and your staff. Your instructors had so many great tips to share with me. Thank you again for offering such a great program to everyone!!! -JL


Mary, I just wanted to send some kudos. . . I have a friend trying her first Tri this September, and she was telling me about your informational meeting (Intro to Tri lecture) . . . I have never seen such a wide smile from her. She is typically pretty shy and quiet, but she was JACKED, blathering on about you and the program . . . YOU are accomplishing what we, who love being active, love to see; a safe, secure, positive, and supported environment to be successful. -SB

Hi Mary, I have exciting news I want to share with you because you're one of the persons that made this possible and has always been an inspiration. I started my process at your introduction to triathlon lecture. A few weeks ago I finished my first Ironman in Whistler, it was an incredible experience. I clearly remember at your intro to triathlon lecture about 6 years ago, when you said "I guarantee that at least one of you in this room will complete an ironman", I'm sure I'm not the only one neither the first, but you made me believe and even though it took a while, I'm very proud to say that I'm now an Ironman.
Thanks a lot, Sincerely Heriberto

I still remember the Intro to Tri lecture when I was thinking what the )*&# has my friend got me into, I am not an athlete I am an out of shape, overweight uninspired person. My outlook on life has done a 360. I feel better, younger and with more energy than ever before and 30 pounds lighter. Thank you and ALL of the team.

Mary, A quick note to say THANK YOU to you and the team for hosting the triathlon lecture and prep clinics. I found them incredibly valuable and they gave me the confidence I needed to compete!
My first TRI is "in the bag" ... woot! I am very happy with my performance. The introduction to triathlon lecture was helpful in getting my head wrapped around how it all works,, how to approach training, the event, the transitions, the different legs - everything really …I appreciated how you said, “when you leave this lecture, you will have a good idea if this type of challenge will is what you are looking for or not”…. I left knowing it was something I wanted to take on and understanding, it’s all about making informed decisions and acting on them. The lecture and clinic practices were invaluable. Completing a first Marathon in November, then setting my sights on an OLYMPIC and/or 70.3 next year.  I'll plan on some open water and pool time with your team to get me there. Thanks again!


Dear Mary, if you remember, when I first took your pool clinic in late 2009, I had just come from running the New York marathon and I wanted to transition into triathlons. It was my explicit goal to race an Ironman in 2011, and I knew that the swim was where I had the farthest to go. Well, this weekend I raced Ironman Coeur d'Alene with a swim time of 1:41 and a finish of 13:08. I wanted to let you know there is no way I could have done this without you. I remember the very first clinic as quite a rough awakening, when it hit home to me that I could not swim freestyle, and that I could barely complete a lap in the pool without losing my breath. Those pool clinics during the winter, and the outdoor sessions later that summer, were what helped me accomplish my dream this weekend in Idaho. Thank you so very much, and I wish you all the best. Sincerely, -Paul

Hi Mary, I just wanted to say thanks for the support I received from you and Ed and your team over the last couple of months as I worked through my "water anxiety" issues. While I didn't post any kind of record time on Sunday, I did exit the swim feeling confident and happy. Even at 31 minutes to finish I shaved 9 minutes off my time—and I was back in the pool today. And I won't be waiting 9 years to do it again. I am signed up for the Cottage Lake event. I am committed to becoming a better swimmer. Again, thanks to all of you, it really means a lot. -SL

Hi Mary, I just had to drop you a line and let you know how appreciative I am of you and your coach’s assistance in improving my freestyle technique. Your suggestions at a pool clinic, and the coaching during the open water clinic, have really taken me to the next level. Before I signed up for the tri package, I had hit a plateau and was incredibly frustrated at my inability to swim faster. Now, I'm swimming faster and continuing to improve! Warm regards, -AB

Mary, thank you for helping me improve my swimming (only way it could be worse would have been if I drowned). I just wanted to thank you for all the great coaching and yes you stuck with me as I learned how to swim. I’m so happy, I actually was able to complete the Cottage Lake Tri - I finished! You truly put on the most organized event I have ever participated in any type of contest . . . and all the helper people were fantastic! It was such a friendly, pleasant and positive experience. I can’t wait till September for the Tri again! I’m going to kick my glutes big time! Well see you at the pool tomorrow! -Janet


Mary, I attended your open swim clinic on Saturday. A just wanted to say thank you to you and your wonderful staff for helping me through my "panic attack" I experienced that morningl I'm guessing that's what it was as I have never experienced hyperventilating and paralyzing fear before. Ed, Tim, Rocky, you and 2 other ladies were incredibly considerate and patient with me. There was a point where mentally I just wanted to swim ashore and call it quits. You and your team never offered that option, instead you offered positive energy, kind words and lots of encouragement .For that, I thank you all!!!!! Thank you again. See you on Saturday at Cottage Lake! -LS

Mary, I am the self-proclaimed “head case” from your Open Water Swim clinics. I wanted to simply say ‘Thank You’. If not for you and your clinics, I would still be wading in the kiddie pool! Your no-nonsense, tough-love approach to open water swimming allowed me to complete my fifth Triathlon and with a PR! I completed my swim with no panic, no fear and it felt amazing. I cannot thank you enough for providing me the mental tools to overcome this challenge. The ability to achieve this goal will serve me well in all facets of my life, and that is a priceless gift. You are an inspiration, Mary. I know many others share my sentiments. I’m wishing you strength and good health every day. -SE

Hi Mary, I have to tell you how I felt yesterday watching the open water clinic kick-off. The memories came flooding back about the utter respect I have for you and your coaches for helping newbies (and oldies) to get comfortable with the experience. Your work IS IMPORTANT! You are a rock star. From your talk and walk, you are anything but totally committed to the clinic.  I love the energy of the folks that you hang with, truly wonderful, authentic people. Thanks for coming into my life when you did. I am grateful. -Jan

Hi Mary! Thank you for your fabulous open water swim clinics! I know panic would have overtaken me during my first triathlon if I had not attended your clinics. Instead, I had SO MUCH FUN, totally enjoying the swim portion! Not once did I panic, didn't need to grab the "toolbox", and maintained a slow, steady freestyle pace the entire swim. The only exception: when I tried to inhale too much water, but went right back to my rhythm. Thanks again! -JL

Hi Mary, I’ve thought a lot about what you and the other coaches said during the class and have really taken to heart the advice and info. Glad I came to the clinic. . . gave me a chance to know what to expect, see how I reacted in the situation, and know how I need to strategize my tri so that I can do the best I can. I feel like I’ll go into it being a lot more prepared having taken the open water swim clinic . . . a lot more prepared. Thank you for that! -JB

Hello, I just want to thank you for such great open water swimming training! I went from being scared in the open water to swimming a half mile in 20 minutes in just 3 open water lessons. I absolutely could NOT have done it without your help. My marathon running days are slowly coming to an end and this has opened a whole new world to me!Thank you! -JA Hi Mary, thank you for your "tough love" and help at the open water clinics. I attended 4 and would never have managed my triathlon without them. As it was, the swim was fine, thanks to your clinics. At 62, I'm hardly a life-long athlete, but today I'm a triathlete and ready for more. In the meantime, I'll improve my stroke. Again, thank you! -JR


Hi Mary, I wanted to e-mail you to just say thank you for sharing your personal story. I participated in the Cottage Lake Tri last year.  Since that journey to where I am now, I have you and your organization to thank for sparking and lighting the fire that is deep in me to keep on keeping on.  I am even more inspired by your story and know that my mind can put limitations on my body, yet I can dig deep (as you mention) to move forward. Thank you for being who you are. Much aloha,
- Rolita

A Call Out to my Twin Sis Last weekend I volunteered at an Adult/Kid triathlon my twin sis, Mary, produces. FaceBook Photos I was heartened by all the stories shared w/ me and comments on how she has helped "change and/or save their lives”. After a life dedicated to wellness, Mary... was diagnosed with MS three years ago. As a Life Fitness Coach, she constantly encourages others to meet their goals. As she copes with this disease she’s evaluated from time-to-time whether to continue with this Tri series due to the impact it has on her. After spending a day with all the great volunteers and participants, it's clear to me that those in this album are the inspiration for her to continue putting on a Tri series that welcomes all folks. It was awe inspiring to see elites, first timers, children and families. Thank you all for sharing your triumphs and the opportunity for me to get in HUNDREDS OF SQUATS in rapid succession as you came across the line (I'm the one getting the chip off your ankle as you suck air at the finish). You go sis, you got this! I'll see the rest of you next year at the Mary Meyer LifeFitness Cottage Lake Tri in June and September Hi Mary, I wanted to tell you that your Tri event Saturday was amazing. This was my first Tri, and I learned about it from your program at your free Intro to Triathlons lecture in the spring. Your volunteers were awesome, they were encouraging and helpful, they made me feel like I could actually finish. I experienced this many times, from more experienced participants, encouraging remarks and helpful hints along the course. What a great environment you have fostered. The event was so well run and organized. Thank you so much for introducing me to this new sport in a safe, fun, organized and challenging environment! Please thank all your volunteers as well, they are awesome people!


This was my first tri ever! It was a blessing of an experience. I always had the 'eventual goal' of doing a tri. And in the last few years I've become tired of having goals I'm not acting upon. So I signed up.My goal was just to finish. And finish I did with the help and cheering of everyone along the way! Second-to-last place and so fulfilled and proud! I am totally grateful, had an absolute blast, and am looking forward to actually training for another triathlon.

- Meagan

Hi Mary (and Ed), I just wanted to thank you both and all of the volunteers and helpers in getting the triathlon together. I really didn't know if I could do it, but your encouragement and assistance helped me to keep trusting the process of showing up and following through. I can't wait until the one in September. I am getting some of my family members to join as well. I really appreciate what you're doing and I'm so grateful to have found such a supportive group of people that you've inspired to come together. Have a wonderful day. Be well.


Fantastic event! I was impressed by the enthusiasm of all the volunteers-they really helped keep the spirit of the participants positive! In particular, I want to thank the volunteer (a woman) that the swim coordinator Kelly asked to help me into and out of the lake (I'm a BK amputee); she was wonderful! I cannot remember her name but I greatly appreciated her help. Thank you! - KH


I just wanted to send a note thanking you for the great Kids Tri last weekend. It was so much fun to see the kids compete and be so fulfilled. What a great thing for them to experience. And what a thrill for us parents to watch our kids take such big steps. It will be a memory I will never forget. You and the team did a great job putting it on. Huge kudos to you and all of your team. The number of volunteers was tremendous. As soon as my kids are experienced enough I will be there to help you put them on as needed. I look forward to that! Again - many thanks!
- Peter

Hi Mary, thanks for a great event yesterday - Meghan (5) and Scott (9) both had a fantastic time!The volunteers were fabulous. I so appreciate their helpfulness in keeping the kids on track and cheering them on! T his was Meghan's first tri and her question, after she caught her breath was, when do I get to do this again?We'll be back. - RF

Dear Mary, thank you so much for organizing this fantastic event today! I can only imagine the amount of time and energy you spent to make this happen, and I could not have been any more impressed with how well it was organized and how absolutely awesome the volunteers were. It really was an awesome experience for our son!! He was so excited to be in a triathlon and was counting down the days until today. I started competing in triathlons over the past 2 years, and my husband began training again after several years off. Noah watched his dad train and compete in the 1/2 Ironman last weekend, it was so cool that Noah got to do just what “dad does!Even the little things were a big deal!! He was excited to wear the swim cap (he even wore it tonight while hanging out). Today was a very special day for all of us! We will definitely continue to support and encourage Noah and we’ll be back for sure!! Noah had a bit of anxiety at the start, was a little nervous to do this on his own, and the one volunteer (she held the prerace meeting on the beach) was so kind and encouraging it helped Noah tremendously. As soon as he got his feet in the water he was ALL smiles the whole time!! Thank you for an awesome day! Sincerely, - Nancy and Brian

Hi Mary! My girls loved participating in the Kids Tri. My older daughter was so pumped up afterwards and thanked me for encouraging her to do it. She's also expressed an interest in getting in shape and losing some weight, eating right, etc. Of course I am thrilled with her complete mental turnaround and wanted to share this great news with you!

- CA

Hi Mary, I just wanted to let you know how much my kids enjoyed the triathlon yesterday! In my son's words The best part is that I had lots of fun playing 'Tara Says' and 'Red Light Green Light' before that swim!" (Tara was a swim volunteer and she did a stellar job keeping them entertained while they waited for the start!). "And another best part is that I feel very proud of myself!" - AG

Hi Mary, Thanks for putting together a fantastic kids triathlon today! I was impressed with the number of participants A Very cool! My son, Ryan (6), had a great time. I really appreciate having great kid events for my kids to participate in. Ryan thinks it's very cool that he does triathlons like Mom does.  We are both looking forward to participating in the event at Cottage Lake in September! Thanks for all you do!!! Have a fantastic day!

- Kristi

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you again for a great triathlon. I was very impressed with the whole event. Everyone was very nice; it was well organized, and very safe for the kids. A special hat off to the announcer who did an EXCELLENT job making each finisher feel great. You all did a great job! The kids just loved it and that is what it is all about. Thank you and see you again in Sept.
- AY