John Curley Radio Show


Mary joins John to talk about triathlons. John\'s formed his very own triathlon team and with the help of Mary will prepare three lucky listeners for the finish line.

Washington Athletic Club

"Give it a Tri"

Washington Athletic Club announces their partnership with MMLF in support of their endurance athletes.

Queen Anne News

"An Inspiration to Tri"

A feature article was published in the Queen Anne News about Mary and her ability to inspire, motivate, and bring out the best in athletes of all levels.

Evening Magazine

Evening Magazine July 2008 John Curley talks about his upcoming Ironman competition in Nice, France. He discusses the coaching he received from Mary Meyer in preparation.

Seattle Channel Program, CityStream

CityStream 8/16/2007 On this edition of CityStream hosted by Marcie Sillman, Northwest women find courage along with the competition in the Danskin Women's Triathlon. Mary was interviewed regarding various aspects of the Danskin and Triathlons.

Flying Over the Finish Line

by Susan L. Kane

This book is a delightful accumulation of stories about and by ordinary women from all walks of life, each with the goal of completing a triathlon. In a section by Sharon E. Best, "It's Not Easy, But It's Worth It" Sharon tells about her experiences that include attending Mary's clinics. The book can be purchased on

Seattle PI, Lifestyles,

"P-I Writer Worries About Taking the Plunge into Danskin"

Mary's philosophy of "suck it up" was referenced by the writer, who anonymously attended Mary's Open Water Swim clinics.

Chicago Athlete Magazine,

"Conquer the Open Water"

Mary Meyer was asked to contribute on this feature article subtitled "A no-fail plan to start your first triathlon with confidence." Mary was quoted on race day, stroke and breathing recommendations for the first-timer or experienced tri-athlete.

Northwest Runner Magazine,

"Triathlon Training 101"

This article lists the top Triathlon training available in the Seattle area. Mary Meyer's clinics were described as "one of the most involved and progressive training programs in the Seattle area."

Seattle Times, Sports,

"A Race Full of Stories"

The Times article includes stories of women competing in the 2007 Danskin, including Barbara Oswald who Mary helped to train and prepare for the race.

West Seattle Herald,

"Life Fitness Program Hailed"

Mary's Life Fitness program was featured in an article about two West Seattle women who benefitted from the training. ""Thanks to Mary and her coaches, I went from feeling debilitating fear before even getting into the pool, to finishing the Danskin half-mile in open water in about 21 minutes."

Seattle Post Intelligencer,

"Blind Cancer Survivor Takes on Tough Triathlon Challenge"

An MMLF clinic participant (Barb Oswald) was featured in and article for her quest to prepare for and complete the Danskin Triathlon. "At the end of the two-hour swim clinic, Oswald emerged from the lake, looking whipped but happy."

Washington Athletic Club Magazine,

"Female Bonding: Eight WAC Members Train for the Danskin Triathlon"

More mottos including "The woman who starts the race is not the same woman who finishes the race" and our favorite "We live to eat. We work out to eat more." was included by a WAC member who with 7 others trained, including Mary's Open Water Swim clinics, and participated in the Danskin Triathlon

Pacific Northwest Magazine,

"Go Jump in the Lake"

In a feature article covering Dan Tonge, a blind swimmer Mary coaches, she covers the challenges of swimming in open water. "Meyer leads clinics to make sure triathletes and racers are prepared for everything from flailing arms to choppy water to losing sight of the finish line. Much of what she emphasizes is psychological, and while her focus is on competition, even casual lake swimmers should pay attention."

Pacific Northwest Magazine,

"Ask R7: Swimming Can Shore Up Your True Core"

When a question was posed to Richard Seven, fitness writer for the Seattle Times, regarding Yoga & Pilates vs. Swimming for core training, he contacted Mary for the answer: "...swimming traditionally gets cut out of the core hoopla. I asked help from Mary Meyer, a Seattle personal trainer who specializes in swimming and triathlon training..."

Northwest Citysports Magazine,

"Best of '05"

This fitness magazine polled their readers to vote for the best in the northwest. Mary Meyer was named Best Trialthlon Trainer in Seattle. "Mary, a Seattle-based tri coach, markets her clinics and services to triathletes of all abilities, who voted in huge numbers and told us that she was their fave."

Seattle KOMO News:

"Triathlon Cancelled...

When a local triathlon cancellation made the news, Mary was contacted by KOMO to provide input on the situation. Mary gave suggestions on how to avoid this kind of trouble. "Before you sign up, do your homework," said Mary Meyer, a local fitness expert whose business, Mary Meyer Life Fitness, ...specializes in training beginners for physical challenges."