Nutritional Training
I know what I should be doing… I just don’t do it

If you’ve ever said that about your weight loss, exercise or nutrition goals, then you’re just like most people. They have great intentions to lose weight, get fit, and improve their health, but struggle to find the time, energy and motivation to make that a priority. They’ve tried strict diets, joined numerous exercise programs, and set unrealistic goals…only to experience frustration and failure.

Experts agree that “dieting” isn't effective for long-term weight loss. Low calorie diets cause loss of muscle, slow metabolism, and trigger binge eating. In short... dieting sets you up for failure. The most effective weight loss program includes a healthy eating plan, enjoyable but effective exercise, and ongoing coaching to work through barriers.  When all these elements are combined, weight loss becomes easier and more permanent. Our Nutritional Training component includes the latest research on nutrition and exercise, counseling techniques to work through barriers and ongoing coaching to achieve behavior change. The outcome of our nutritional training is enhanced physiology, energy and all-around performance.

We don’t believe in crash diets, quick fixes or “magic bullets”. We believe in empowering clients to overcome the barriers that stand in the way of their health and weight loss goals. We take a more realistic, achievable approach to weight loss.
Your nutrition and health coaching components will include the following:
INITIAL VISIT This one-hour personal consultation that includes:
• Discussion of your weight loss history, current eating habits, exercise program, medical risk factors, emotional and other lifestyle challenges
• Development of nutrition and lifestyle plan targeted towards your health and weight loss goals. Your plan will be individualized to include your food preferences, time constraints, ability to prepare meals, food allergies/intolerances, social issues, emotional challenges, etc.
• Body fat testing to evaluate baseline weight status

PERSONAL HEALTH COACHING A series of three phone consultations designed to:
• Monitor your progress and provide accountability for your goals
• Work through barriers that arise during the program
• Provide ongoing motivation when things become challenging

FINAL VISIT One-hour personal follow-up and program evaluation designed to:
• Celebrate nutrition, exercise and lifestyle successes!
• Discuss ongoing challenges
• Assess body composition changes
• Set goals for next phase of program

Long-term Success
Achieving significant weight loss requires behavior and lifestyle changes that can be challenging. Because of this, the weight management program is designed with a “long-term” focus in mind. Since habits are formed over a lifetime, it takes time to transform them into healthier patterns. A behavioral approach may not always result in rapid weight loss, but the results are more permanent.