Life Coaching
Issues with weight, energy, composure, stress levels, reactions, openness, perspectives, and your choices are all reflections of unresolved emotions. Emotional health affects the whole of you and how you live your day-to-day moments, your behaviors. Life coaching offers a unique and powerful approach where the “A-ha’s!” take place, an acknowledgement of who you really are, what you are really made of, and why and how you want to bring it on.

A life coach is a personal trainer for every aspect of your life, especially the non-physical. The purpose of life coaching is to facilitate your journey as you discover what you want, what it will take for you to achieve it, and what you need to follow through. It is specifically designed to help you figure out what you enjoy, what works for you, and what motivates you to change your daily habits.

Life coaching is a proven method for increasing one’s effectiveness and life satisfaction. Just as a personal trainer focuses on what works to improve your physical fitness, a life coach focuses on the dynamics of what things work for you and how to improve your overall emotional and behavioral fitness. Your life coach will help you be more effective in identifying and clarifying your intentions and goals, how the goals are to be achieved, what obstacles stand in the way of attaining those goals, and how to overcome those challenges.

Life coaching sessions keep the “whole you” in mind with progressive guidance designed to help you improve balance in your life. Sessions help you organize and prioritize what’s important to you so that you perform day-to-day at optimal levels for longer periods of time, without letting clutter of daily life get in your way and without burnout or stress overload. During the MMLF life coaching sessions, we bring together all of the mental, behavioral, nutritional, and physical work you’ve been doing so it anchors everything for you. Like putting together a puzzle, life coaching assembles the pieces until the picture works as a whole.

Anyone who has ever tried to begin a regular program of physical, nutritional, or behavioral conditioning understands that getting started is often the easy part. We have established routines that encourage busyness, discourage “me time,” and keep us running at high levels of stress. Changing those routines to incorporate a new activity, especially one that we may feel like we “should” do rather than one we “want” to do, takes a great deal of focused effort just to create the space and time to make it happen. Even once we’ve started our routines, the effort to keep it going gets greater and greater. Lack of time, habitual inertia, shifting priorities, and boredom all play their part in undermining our new-found commitment.

At MMLF, we work with you to develop workouts and plans that reflect your needs. Our life coaching sessions bring awareness of patterns and behaviors that do not serve you. We help you become aware of your body and how it absorbs your daily experiences, which will enable you to better recognize when stress is taking its toll on your body.

Remember, realistically it takes time and commitment to change habits until they become your new home, your new way of being. There is no one formula that suits all people. The ‘how you get there’ is just as important as the end goal. MMLF’s life coaches are experts at guiding you through manageable, enlightening, confident steps towards building better health.

Mary Meyer
B.A. Exercise Science & Biology
Certified Life Success Coach