Mary Meyer Personal Trainer:
A 1987 graduate of Pacific Lutheran University, Mary has a degree in Exercise Science and Biology. A competitive athlete since the age of 5, she was an All American National Collegiate Swimmer, and regularly placed in the top five overall in her many triathlons. Mary’s interest in personal training began during an exciting, motivating, internship at Weyerhaeuser’s ground-breaking pilot corporate wellness program. That interest motivated her through more than 25 years’ experience as a personal fitness trainer, group fitness trainer (including several years as the strength and power training coach for the state champion Seattle O'Dea boys' high school swim team), and a certified personal life success coach. In 1992, Mary turned her education, passion, and adventures into a career, when she founded Mary Meyer Life Fitness, where she focused on making an active lifestyle fun and easy for people of all fitness levels. From 1999-2014, Mary was known in Seattle as the resource for outstanding swim and triathlon coaching, helping countless athletes of all levels prepare for a great triathlon experience or simply enjoy getting in shape and making fitness a big part of their daily life. She has owned and been the race director of 14 triathlon events, served as the Seattle Danskin Triathlon swim coordinator for 15 years, Iron Girl Triathlon swim coordinator for 3 years and the Trek Triathlon swim coordinator for 2 years. Mary is also the developer of national fitness and health clinics. In 2014, Mary moved away from swimming and triathlon; she has chosen to focus her business solely on the two pieces that give her the most energy and she is most passionate about – MMLF’s Weight Management Program and Muddy Mutt dog events. Mary brings a team of outstanding coaches to help provide exceptional weight management and wellness plans for clients of all fitness levels.
Mary Meyer Certified Life Success Coach:
Mary Meyer graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and Biology from Pacific Lutheran University in 1987. After an internship at Weyerhaeuser’s pilot corporate fitness program, Mary went on to become the manager, head trainer, and aerobics coordinator for a well-established international fitness center in the heart of downtown Seattle. In 1992, Mary started her own personal training business and after working as a personal trainer, Mary realized there was more to maintaining true health and fitness for a lifetime then just working out the body. To bridge that gap, in 1999 Mary extended her wellness education and knowledge by becoming a certified Life Coach. Since then, she has helped countless people move forward with clarity, purpose, intention and direction to meet their real goals (not the ones they thought they ‘should have,’ but the ones that were truly important to them).

Effectively identifying and clarifying not only intentions and goals, but how those goals are to be achieved, what obstacles stand in the way of attaining those goals, and how to overcome those challenges is critical to creating a healthy, fit, and happy lifestyle. As a life coach and a personal trainer, Mary is able to work the whole person to help you figure out what you enjoy, what works for you, and what motivates you to change your daily habits. As a personal trainer, Mary focuses on what works to improve your physical fitness, and as a life coach, she focuses on the dynamics of what things work for you and how to improve your overall emotional and behavioral fitness.
Heather Nakamura, M.P.E., M.S., R.D.
Heather is a registered dietitian with Master's degrees in both Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. She maintains a private practice in sports nutrition and preventive health, where she works with individuals to develop lifestyle programs targeted towards their nutrition, health and fitness goals. Owner of Winning Nutrition in Bellevue, Heather is a sought after public speaker who has been a regular guest on KPLZ radio and KIRO's morning show, 7-LIVE. She is a columnist for Northwest Runner magazine and frequent contributor to national health and fitness publications. She also provides worksite wellness programs for local companies, helps restaurants to develop healthier menu options, and provides sports nutrition seminars for local athletes.

Achieving health, fitness and weight loss goals can be a difficult and frustrating process. Heather specializes in “personal health coaching”, helping individuals work through barriers and challenges encountered on the way to their goals. She has extensive training in behavioral counseling, and uses this experience to help individuals identify emotional and attitudinal factors that prevent them from achieving success. Her programs focus on healthy lifestyle change instead of “crash dieting” and rapid weight loss, which is the type of approach recommended by experts for long-term success.